About the competition

As a part of Scania Driver Competitions, Young European Truck Driver was first held in 2003. Over the ensuing years the contest has grown to become a global institution, attracting more than 300,000 competitors from across the planet. This makes Scania Driver Competitions the world’s largest contest series for heavy truck drivers.

The Scania Driver Competitions concept was established to shine a light on bus and truck drivers, celebrating their skills. It highlights the valuable contribution drivers make to society and how they add to this further through enhanced road safety awareness and proficient eco-driving.

The Scania driver competitions history in brief:

The 2003 Scania Driver Competitions event was limited to 20 European nations and attracted some 6,000 participating drivers. The competition was organised by Scania in cooperation with the European Commission. It was in line with the objectives of the European Union’s common transport policy and the directive on the training of professional truck drivers.

In 2005, the Scania Driver Competitions concept expanded to include Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Taiwan. In Europe, the competition was supported by the European Commission and attracted more than 14,000 drivers.

In 2007, Scania’s Driver Competitions became a truly global event, featuring some 63,000 professional truck and bus drivers from 40 countries in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa. During the competition, Scania arranged seminars on road safety, many of these in partnership with the World Health Organisation.

With some 45,000 truck drivers competing from all over the world, the Scania Driver Competitions 2010 series consolidated its position as the world’s largest truck and bus driver competition and training event.

Never before have so many drivers from so many countries participated. In a survey, contestants said they become better drivers after having participated. Globally, 76,000 drivers participated in the competitions.

The sixth edition of Scania Driver Competitions has attracted a record-breaking 100,000 entrants for its 2014/2015 season making it the world’s largest truck driving and training event by far. The competition has been staged in 40 countries across the globe.